The Pupa coffee brand has emerged thanks to our regular customers! It is due to them that we decided to open the Green Cafes of Kavos Bankas. Customers were telling us – you make such a good home-made coffee, we would like to have good coffee in cafes, too. We listen to them and we did – today, we enjoy the loyal customers of our cafes!

Kava pupa

The decision to create a Lithuanian coffee brand did not come easy. We were overwhelmed with doubts – will people believe in the Lithuanian coffee? After all, wine is “owned” by Italians and French, good watches are made by the Swiss... Long-standing coffee traditions belong to the Italians. But coffee does not grow in Italy either! Simply, one day they decided that they can make good coffee for their people!
We then thought that with our 20 years of roasting experience, and knowing where perfect coffee beans grow, we have a good understanding about Lithuanian tastes – we always care about it. People are slowly realizing how important it is to know what you are drinking and where and when it is made. In addition, we are easily accessible and we are in Lithuania – people always can give us comments about quality. Our cafes are a great place for tasting coffee and a way to get feedback. Thus, we have everything: customer support, relations with coffee farms, understanding of the taste of the Lithuanian favourite coffee, we are experts in roasting and, on top of that, we still enjoy a good reputation in supermarkets. All we needed was to create delicious coffee. It was tested by our Green cafes visitors and customers – and the answer was POSITIVE. We decided to give life to our coffee !


Pupa pavadinmas

What does the packaging design mean?

A wisely smiling coffee grower symbolizes coffee growing experience – the know-how and secrets. Meanwhile, a smiling woman symbolizes our Lithuanian experience in coffee roasting.
Brazil started to grow coffee in 1720, and our roasting experience is 20 years. Due to today's technology we no longer need hundreds of years to get the best result.
As we become better familiar with the Lithuanian people, thanks to our roasting, we can make coffee that is greatly enjoyable by Lithuanians.

Who will enjoy our coffee?

Everyone up to 100 years old, who likes delicious mild coffee. It's likely that you develop the flavour, love to try out innovation, are curious and interested in the world around you.

What greetings we would like to pass?
We want this coffee to be related to the idea of joy! Studies have shown that keeping a warm cup of coffee in your hands and savouring delicious coffee produces the hormone of happiness! They even recommend to have coffee when reconciling after a quarrel, or negotiating – as it helps to find an agreement! Why is this happening? Happy and joyful people are more forgiving, it is easier to negotiate with them.
We believe that this coffee will make you happier!