How to make coffe at home?

The oldest and most popular way of brewing

For many people, the most loved way to prepare a cup of coffee is to brew it in a cup. Perhaps because it is the fastest and easiest, but in no way the worst method. And if you already know the tricks of choosing and preparing coffee, then you will enjoy the most delicious and flavourful coffee everyday!
These 5 important tips help you become the best connoisseur of coffee !

The first tip – to learn how to choose coffee. Choosing coffee.

  • The 100% Arabic beans are best suited for this type of coffee, as they reveal most of the aftertaste flavours compared to other species.
  • Choose high quality coffee. Quality is guaranteed by certificates, a well-known and verified brand, friends' recommendations, references on the labels, your own experiences and testing.
  • The new harvest and recently roasted coffee (about 7 days old) will guarantee you a real specific taste, typical of a high quality coffee, and a strong aroma. The new harvest is guaranteed by the coffee supplier, therefore, ask about the harvest. Freshly roasted coffee is the responsibility of suppliers who roast coffee themselves, have special equipment and roasting technology.
  • The most valuable coffee is the one that is roasted immediately after the order is made or has been roasted for no longer than 7 days. You can check it only by testing the supplier's promise! If you ever taste freshly or recently roasted coffee, you will certainly feel the difference!
  • The biggest enemies of coffee are light and air. If coffee is stored in the trading points in glass containers and often opened to the public to have a whiff, then it will lose its authentic aroma. In addition, coffee also absorbs foreign odours – perfumes, hands, soaps, tobacco, etc. Therefore, sealed and opaque packaging is a MUST!

The second tip is to test the benefits of grinding coffee.

  • If you have a coffee grinder at home, then we recommend you to shop for only coffee beans. Then you can see the quality of each coffee bean. The coffee bean must have a good shape and be neither burnt nor scorched. Freshly ground coffee emits a strong, stunning and rich aroma.
  • The coffee grinder should be ceramic and conical to preserve the flavour and taste properties of the ground coffee.
  • If you do not have a coffee grinder at home, then you should buy really freshly roasted and properly ground coffee. We recommend consuming it in 1-2 weeks, until its aromas are strong and robust.

The third tip is to choose the appropriate water temperature.

The coffee cup contents about 97% water, therefore, it also plays a significant role.
The pH of the water we use for coffee should be as close as possible to neutral, i.e. 7-9 pH.
Special filters are used to remove minerals (calcium, chlorine) that undermine the taste of coffee.
Water temperature is the key to unlocking the taste of coffee. If you pour a cup of coffee with boiling water – it will burn and will have bitter taste. If the water is too cold, the coffee will not reveal all its flavours and aroma, tightly locking it in its cells. Therefore, we recommend using 92-94 degrees water. Just let the water to cool down slightly. Coffee fans can enjoy specially designed kettles with temperature settings.

The fourth tip is the golden rule. 2 teaspoons of coffee per 200 ml of water.

  • Every sip of your brewed coffee will be different! The taste of coffee changes because of two reasons: 1) cooling liquid temperature; 2) coffee grounds stay longer in water or enjoy water, making coffee increasingly stronger – you get the most caffeine from this coffee.
  • If you want to feel and smell the real taste and aroma of your coffee, then do not add sugar or milk in the coffee. But if you are not a member of the quality assessment commission or a taster, then drink it any way you feel for. 
  • When you start using high-quality quality coffee continuously, you will never want sugar or milk with it.

The fifth tip – learn to take care of coffee.

  • Beans or ground coffee can be best stored in the original package, placed in a sealed opaque box, to prevent the contact of coffee with air and light as much as possible. The more open the package is, the faster the coffee loses all its flavours. 
  • Every, even the smallest discovery or new message changes our experience, giving the joy of cognition! Becoming a good coffee connoisseur, we enrich ourselves and others with the new world of flavours and scents! It's fun to start a day with the most flavoured and delicious cup of coffee! 

Advice by Kavos Bankas experts